Our team

Each of the 90 members of the Central Plaza team has chosen to look after the guests with respect, commitment and a warm smile!

We are proud that in our hotel the people make the difference! As well as the hotel, the team goes through a continuous process of development, enriching themselves with new competences and colleagues.

Thus, during September 2010- December 2011, the employees of the Central Plaza Hotel benefitted by an intensive program of personal and professional formation and development within the project “Competence development-hospitality and professionalism”, financed by THE EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND through the Operational Sector Program for the Development of Human Resources 2007-2013.

The team strengthened through the new members who joined us: the chef, the F&B manager, sales specialist, head of reception, chief housekeeper, chief engineer, chamber maids, receptionist desk attendants, waiters, cooks, luggage couriers and technical experts.

Together we are waiting for you at Central Plaza Hotel!

 General Manager - Constantin Roca: constantin.roca@centralplazahotel.ro

 Deputy General Manager - Catalin Roca: catalin.roca@centralplazahotel.ro

    Financial Manager  - Lucica Lazar: lucica.lazar@centralplazahotel.ro

    Sales Specialist  - Ioana Cerescu: ioana.cerescu@centralplazahotel.ro

    Marketing Specialist  - Roxana Roca: roxana.roca@centralplazahotel.ro

    Human Resources Manager - Cristina Irina Rauta: cristina.rauta@centralplazahotel.ro

    Front Office Manager - Dorian Dosoftei: dorian.dosoftei@centralplazahotel.ro

    F&B Manager - Leontin Dumitrascu: leontin.dumitrascu@centralplazahotel.ro