Start your day enjoying a flavoured coffee and a fresh and delicious breakfast in the Avantgarde saloon. For lunch and dinner we recommend you the Classic restaurant, with meals perfected by the inspiration of our chefs and completed by a selection of wines which satisfies the most refined tastes.

Take your time for a real culinary feast to enjoy a fan of smoked duck chest with sweet sour red cabbage, ennobled with orange juice, bouquet of salad and fresh vegetables, grilled beef rib roast and Pont Neuf potatoes, champignons sautées and beurre maître d’hotel, and the finest dessert called Panna Cota with lime flavour and lemon sorbet.

If you pass into the Princely Wine Cellar you may enjoy traditional dishes from the ancient yeoman cuisine, with the unrivalled ” home-made flavour”, sprinkled with maiden plum brandy and Moldavian wines in a princely setting taken off from the past.


The Classic and Avantgarde saloons can play host to your special events of your life in a luxurious and elegant ambience which, together with our services of the Central Plaza staff, will turn the moments spent here into unforgettable memories. The two saloons were specially created to play host to really successful events, whether they are important social events, business meetings, company or product presentations, press conferences, workshops, seminaries, fashion shows, weddings or parties.

The Classic saloon can play host to events of 350 guests in a stylish setting full of personality, assuring the comfort and the intimacy of the guests.

The Avantgarde saloon redefines the concept of elegance through the spectacular design which blends the space generosity with the innovative lighting system and the stylish and natural fabric of the walls.

The atmosphere of the two saloons is completed by live music, menus of great culinary refinement and faultless services for the guests of the events organized by Central Plaza.