Central Plaza implements innovative strategies for the supporting protection of the environment: the optimization of energy consumption, the attentive selection of the materials used for modernization, water saving.

These measures contribute to minimizing the impact on the environment and an increased comfort for our guests.


Measures set to limit the impact on the environment, used by Central Plaza:

· Over 90% of the interior spaces of the hotel capture natural light;
· Heating and cooling modern system which allows the optimization of energy consumption, designed to adjust temperatures for every room of the hotel;
· The optimization of gas consumption by the restoration and re-equipment of the heating station;
· Desktop heating and cooling system which allow to turn off the heating in the vacant rooms and calibrated system for the guests’ wishes and expectations;
· Assuring fresh air inside the building through a continuous process of refreshing with outside air;
· Modern technology of energy recovery which retains 80% of the warmth of the breathed out air related to common spaces - the system controls the humidity level of the air;
· Efficient windows, covered with isolating reflexive material, which protect the interior against the infrared rays. This system also allows the keeping of the heat in the cold season and prevents heating from penetrating during the warm season, contributing to the diminution of the consumption of the energy used for additional heating/cooling;
· The carpet fixed without any adhesive reduces the degree of toxicity;
· Water conservation system by using sink batteries and toilet tanks with a flow restricting system, contributing to the diminution of about 35% of the water quantity used annually;
· Refrigerators with an efficient energy consumption, A+ class and an ecologic cooling gas (non CFC producing refrigerants);
· Energy saving light bulbs and high efficient fluorescent lamps in the whole hotel;
· Mattresses made of natural materials, antibacterial, conditioned with appreciated stuffing such as merino wool for the winter side( it has best thermostatic qualities, it’s soft, elastic, air permissive) and hemp for the summer side(high hygroscopicity, great capacity of absorbing humidity);
· Bath accessories with the possibility of refilling in order to eliminate the accumulation of plastic materials.

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